The Egyptian Society for Industrial Inspection, A NGO society, has the object to improve the total process of INDUSTRIAL INSPECTION. This would include the engineering activities, as well as the professional and social care for all in the engineering inspection involved personnel.
Achieving the purposes of serving the industrial inspection career, The Egyptian Society for Industrial Inspection had established its main objectives as promoting the qualification of the inspectors through education and training, as well as to organize the certification of the inspectors through a specialized board to finalize the main code of practice for the different branches of industrial inspection.

In order to fulfill the hoped objectives, The Egyptian Society for Industrial Development had established some interim objectives:

    a) Establish the main rules for the Qualification Process.
    b) Establish the main rules for the Certification process.
    c) The Arabic Glossary of used terms in the industrial inspection career.
The mentioned objectives would be achieved through different activities of the association: The working groups are flexible divisions which can be changed according to current activities and served objectives. As a start following groups are suggested:

    a) Non Destructive testing (NDT).
    b) Painting and Insulation testing.
    c) Constructions inspection.
    d) Rotating equipment inspection.
    e) Lifting equipment and lifting gears inspection

The Engineering Inspector:

A professionally educated, trained and certified person, accredited to inspect both built and manufactured items such as: buildings, bridges, ships, equipment, pipe lines, etc. to ensure the highest standard of health, safety and performance according to the regulations and the applied code.
The engineering inspector is categorized according to the discipline of activity (Mechanical inspector, Electrical inspector, Marine inspector, Civil inspector, Non destructive tests inspector,…).
Using instruments and equipment, the inspector carries out tests to evaluate the condition of the inspected item and its compliance with the requirement of the applied regulations and codes. A report is the result of the inspector work.