The term nondestructive testing is used as a general name given to all test methods which permit testing or inspection of materials without impairing its future usefulness.

From an industrial point of view, the purpose of nondestructive testing is to determine whether a material or part will satisfactorily perform its intended function.

The primary purpose of nondestructive testing is to determine the existing state or quality of a material, with view to acceptance or rejection. By use of nondestructive testing methods and techniques it has been possible to decrease of ignorance about material without decreasing the factor of safety in the finished product. Any correctly applied nondestructive test an tell only whether the relative soundness of a specimen

Lies within specified tolerances. The use of NDT has been and being more fully recognized by management as a means of meeting consumer demands for better products, reduced cost, and increased production.

Test Methods:

All the test methods have been divided into the following:

-Visual                                                - pressure and leak

-pentrant                                            -Thermal

-Magnetic                                          - Acoustic

                  -Electrical and electrostatic.


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