The Egyptian society for industrial inspection expects its members to adhere to the highest ethical standards. Indeed, This Code of Ethics shall apply to all members of the ESII. It is their duty to conduct themselves in accordance with the following precepts:
1. To maintain high standards of skills, practice and integrity that will protect the lives and health of their associates and of the general public.

2. To uphold at all times the reputation of ESII and the good name of its members.

3. To perform all activities in a spirit of fairness to employers, employees, customers and competitors.

4. To maintain a standard in agreement with high ideals of personal integrity and honor.

5. To refrain from misrepresentation of any aspects of the aims and objectives of ESII.

6. To refrain from accepting compensation in any form except from their principal clients or employers. If income is derived from any other source, then disclosure must be made to all interested parties.

7. To disclose to their employers or clients any connection or business affiliation which might involve a conflict of interest.

8. To avoid any unprofessional tactics in soliciting contracts and to decline any connection with improper patronage.

9. To advance the aims and objectives of ESII through the exchange of information and experience with others, where possible.

10. To provide the opportunity for advancement and increasing the skills of their employees and of those under their supervision.